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The Zerorez Difference

The secret to Zerorez’ success is our ability to clean without the use of high-residue soaps, detergents, shampoos, or toxic chemicals. We give you the best of both worlds: a sparkling clean that lasts longer while keeping your family and pets safe.


We are able to do this thanks to our unique Powered Water® cleaning technology. This enhanced water is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful, eco-friendly cleaning solution.  

Powered Water® outperforms every fancy water system out there: The carpet cleaning industry keeps using the same methods and tries to reinvent their systems by renaming their water; but it’s all the same stuff. Zerorez® is the only company who isn’t using plain ordinary water. When we say Powered, we don’t mean filtered – we mean our water actually does the cleaning instead of soaps!

With Zerorez® Your Carpets ACTUALLY Are Cleaner

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Zerorez® Cleans
Soft Surfaces

Our Powered Water® is applied to your carpet and upholstery fibers, loosening embedded dirt and getting rid of a wide range of germs, pathogens, and bacteria. This emulsified soil is then removed, leaving a small amount of the extraction water on the surface of the carpet, which dries quickly and doesn’t leave a residue.

Traditional carpet cleaning mixes hot water with soap, and then sprays this mixture on the stained surfaces under pressure. Most of the liquefied soap, dirt, and water is removed with a vacuum, but a significant amount of this mixture is left behind. When the soft surface dries and the water evaporates, the soap and chemicals dry into the fibers, attracting more dirt over time. The Zerorez® cleaning process eliminates this issue.

Zerorez® Cleans
Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, are breeding grounds for dangerous, unhealthy micro organisms that can cause odors and allergic reactions.

The Zerorez® multi-surface cleaner is a professional-grade oxidative water solution that eliminates and prevents these germs, in a safe, non-toxic way. The Zerorez® approach is safe for any hard surface and cuts through grease and fat. No rinsing and scouring is necessary.

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Carpets Look Great!

Excellent customer service from Tom and David. Arrived on time and got right to work. Carpets look great! Thank you.
-Heather G.

Zerorez Puget Sound 708 Industry Drive Tukwila, WA 98188 Varied

Clean Tile

Great job getting my tile cleaned. The technician worked very hard to ensure my floors were as clean as possible.
-Stefan P.

Zerorez Puget Sound 708 Industry Drive Tukwila, WA 98188 Varied

Very Friendly!

Very polite technician, very friendly. He took his time, didn’t rush through the job. I like that I don’t have to worry about soap residue. My carpet is as clean as it’s ever been. Thank you!
-Pat, Woodinville