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The Five Dirtiest Places in Your Car

The Five Dirtiest Places in Your Car

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we’d be totally helpless without our cars. Big or small, we use our vehicles for everything, from weekend soccer practices to after school playdates.

In fact, according to a study by Harvard Wealth Watch, the average American spends a whopping 101 minutes per day in the car. And when you combine all that time with muddy shoes, food, and drinks, you’ve got a recipe for a dirty car.

Unfortunately, keeping your car clean isn’t quite as simple as it seems. In fact, the germiest places in your car frequently miss the usual rub down.

Here are the five dirtiest places in your car and how to keep them clean:

Your steering wheel and gear shift. Many people assume that the grimiest parts of their cars are the wheel wells or undercarriage, but the steering wheel and gearshift have more germs per centimeter than any other place in your car. Luckily, they can be quickly cleaned by a wipe down with a disinfectant wipe (we recommend you keep a box in the car).

The windows. Rain, dirt, and dust collects on the outsides of windows, and fingers leave oils on the inside. To get rid of pesky streaks and dirt on the outsides, try pouring fizzy cola down your windshield. However, cover the hood of your car with a towel to protect paint, and wash thoroughly afterwards. Baby wipes and feminine hygiene pads are also excellent side and rear window cleaners.

Windshield wipers. If your wipers are dirty, they’ll simply smear dirt around your windows and leave streaks through your path of vision. Make a solution with ¼ cup household ammonia and one quart water. Soak a rag in the fluid and rub over both sides of the blades, and dry with another rag before putting them back into place.

Under the carpets. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to run a vacuum over your car’s carpet. Most of the grit finds its way under the surface carpets, so remove the pads and make sure to vacuum thoroughly. For a deeper clean, try beating the surface carpets, or have your car professionally cleaned by the experts at ZEROREZ.

Handles. Much like the steering wheel and gearshift, dirty hands touch the car door handles all the time. Luckily, these are easily disinfected with routine baby wipe cleans.

When you’re focused on keeping your home, family, and finances organized, cleaning your car can feel like the last priority. And it can sometimes feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle with sticky food and energetic pets. Whatever you do, don’t give up! If you’re thinking about selling your car in the future or handing it down to your kids when they’re old enough, it’s important to make sure it’ll last. By incorporating a ten-minute car cleanse into your weekly chores, you can avoid the stink and protect your investment.